how anger is bad for us and why it is necessary to follow anger management tips?

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We express different emotions in different situations and anger is one of all those emotions which is somehow not good for us because we lose our control on the situation which can be sorted out easily or we can even get into trouble and sometimes we hurt our loved ones with no reason.Anger is just a small word but sometimes,  its consequences are not small enough. It also affects our mental and physical health that nobody wants. There are some reasons which will tell you how anger is bad for us:

It can seriously impair your judgment

One of the major problems, when you’re angry, is that your cognitive skills get impaired, that your mental health gets affected. It makes the consequences look insignificant and you can actually process less information. It makes you more prejudiced about others and hinders your analytical skills. This often leads you doing things that you wouldn’t in normal circumstances and will cause you to regret your actions when you look back.

It can actually give you a headache

When you’re angry, stress causes your neck and scalp muscles to tense up which causes a tight band-like sensation around the head which causes something the medicos like to call a tension headache. You can fix this issue by a simply massaging your head and taking deep breaths.

It can make your seriously depressed

It’s still not clear whether anger causes depression or vice-versa but those suffering from depression tend to display bouts of anger from time to time.  It also leads to all the aforementioned physiological conditions which can only aggravate the chances of getting depressed.

It is bad for your heart

We’re not making this up; numerous studies have shown that anger can actually up your risk of suffering a heart attack. A Harvard Medical School study found that the angriest men were three times likelier to suffer from a heart or blood vessel disease than those who are of a calmer disposition.

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Now, we got to know how bad anger is for us but we don’t know how it should be controlled, so not to worry, here are some tips which will help you to control it :

Take a time-out

Like we mentioned before when we’re angry we tend to do things that we’ll later regret. The best thing to do during a particularly angry phase is to simply walk-away and deal with the situation later with a cool head.

Count to 10

Another great way to get over that red mist is to take some time. You can do this by mentally counting to 10 before speaking. This time will give you the time to coolly consider the ramifications of your words and action.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna regards anger, greed, and lust as signs of ignorance and perpetual bondage and it is necessary to let go of these emotions to find inner peace. Meditation is not just great for calming your mind, it has immense health benefits as well.


Exercising isn’t just great for your body, it also makes you happier thanks to the dopamine it releases in the brain. Also it’ll let you release all the pent-up anger in a more productive way.

Improve listening skills

Practice good listening skills. Listening can help improve communication and can build trusting feelings between people. This trust can help you deal with potentially hostile emotions. A useful communication exercise is to say to someone, “Let me make sure I understand what you’re saying” and then restate back to them what you perceive as their main message or point of view. Often, this approach helps to clarify misunderstandings that can lead to frustrations, and help identify issues on which you may ultimately “agree to disagree” without turning into a fight.



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