Believe in yourself and see the positive change in your life

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In this world, there are a lot of people who don’t believe in themselves and don’t even realize that they are too capable, strong, intelligent and deserving. Everything you have in your life is a result of your belief in yourself and the belief that it’s possible. To live a life of high achievement, you must fully believe in yourself and your ability. here are some ways which help you to learn belief in yourself and when you start to follow them, you will be amazed at the results.

1. Eliminate words like CAN’T, NEVER, and IMPOSSIBLE.

These words are self-limiting. Rip them out of the dictionary in your mind. When you use them on yourself, you will hold yourself back. You do NOT really know what is impossible in your life or in your sport. Make a conscious effort on a daily basis to rid yourself of this kind of self-limiting language. If you’re going to use words like “can’t”, then add a big YET to the end of that sentence! “I can’t do that YET “means that up until now you haven’t been able to, BUT, it’s still possible in the future.

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2. Practice doing the impossible on a daily basis.

There are two kinds of impossibles: “impossible” impossibles and “possible” impossibles. The impossible impossibles are things like flying, running faster than a speeding bullet, stopping a tractor-trailer going 90mph, etc. These you can’t practice without serious risk to your life. However, you CAN practice the possible impossibles. These are things you THINK or BELIEVE you can’t do. On a daily basis, begin to challenge those limiting beliefs and move towards these tasks, especially in practice. Maybe you don’t think you can really push through the fatigue that you’re feeling at a certain point, or develop significant upper body strength, make it into the finals, or talk in front of a group, but you probably CAN. Take one of these things and work on it EVERY DAY, even if it’s not something to do with your sport. Self-confidence is a skill that extends throughout everything in your life.

 3. Surround yourself with “go-for-it” people.Make sure that you have people around you on your “team” who totally support your dream and goals. Seek out fellow athletes who really care about personal excellence. Likewise, if your friends belittle you and your dreams, you might just want to think seriously about getting some new friends! It’s hard enough reaching your goals without having people throwing negativity and limiting beliefs in your way. Find people who believe in pushing their own limits and pursuing greatness, that way you’ll both be able to support each other in your mutual quests.

4.Describe what you have today without comparing it to what you had hoped for. Be clear about what you still have, including your knowledge, experience, and insights. Notice all the things you can be grateful for, including people willing to offer you emotional support. If you have not lost everything, you are not a failure. Remember: Plans and businesses might fail, or not fulfill your dreams, but you still have valuable assets that will help you move forward.

5. Look to see what is possible going forward. What will make you feel relevant now? What possible achievements can you look forward to? You can’t force yourself to love your current life but you can recognize the value of today and the possibility for fulfillment tomorrow.
6. Shift your daydreaming to the future. Envision what a great day will look like, one year from today. Every time you catch yourself thinking of the past, shift your thoughts to that vision you created—then make plans to make that dream come true.

7.Articulate what you expected to happen. Be honest about what you had hoped for, even if you now know it was not possible.


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