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Always love yourself first before loving others

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There is a famous saying in Hindi “Dusron Ki Jai Se Pehle Khud ko Jai Karein” which means we should love ourselves first and there is nothing wrong in this because we can not love anyone else, we can not understand others feelings if we don’t love ourselves.

To love ourselves means to love our strengths and remove our weaknesses as we know ourselves well and no one else can describe us. We are our own best friend and enemy. Life gives us many ways to live it beautifully but anyhow we don’t interpret ourselves and makes our lives destroyed by making wrong decisions and by thinking that we are incapable to do things which needs more time and focus to start with. Actually, we have a fear that we are nothing as our surroundings have lots of competition and we cannot identify our potential which leads to failure many times. To start any work, first, we should energize our self and boost-up our confidence then no one can defeat us. In short, love yourself means to boost up yourself, your potential, your capabilities and abilities and remove the things from your life which make you sad and depressed. Always keep in mind one thing”BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Here are some ways that should start doing for yourself :

  • Always think that I am beautiful and you will see the beauty of the whole world: We should never compare our physical looks with others because all have a unique body and we must be satisfied with it and then we will realize that whole world is attractive and beautiful.


  • Never underestimate your values and never doubt your skills: We should understand one thing that we all have capabilities and skills but we don’t use them enough because we doubt ourselves, as a result, we don’t get what we wanted, so never ever underestimate the values we have and try to accomplish all the desires.

  • Always think that you have a capability to cross all the obstacles: There are so many people who are famous and successful but it does not mean that they are born rich and renowned. They too have faced many problems in life but they have the courage and the capability to deal with them and the most important thing they never doubt themselves.


  • Don’t ever show your weak points to others: We should never show our drawbacks and weak points to others because it is not necessary that all the people who are somewhere connected to us, are our well-wishers. They can take advantage of it and can create an awful situation for us.

forgive faults

  • Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have ever done: There is a saying” To Err Is A Human” which means this is a human nature to make mistakes. We can not learn anything until we make a mistake but sometimes we don’t forgive ourselves for a mistake we have done and as a consequence, we take a harmful step which leads to us in an unfavourable situation.

  • Do what makes you happy: We all have some desires and dreams in life but we don’t pluck up the courage to accomplish them. So we should try hard to fulfil all our dreams and make ourselves happy and cherish.

  • Ignore to go where you don’t get respect: Sometimes we feel that we cant get enough respect from the people we admire a lot, firstly,  we should talk about it with them and however if we feel the same so we should ignore to meet them because self respect also matters.

  • Always take of your health because health is wealth: If we are healthy so we can attain anything in this life but if we don’t take care of ourselves so that we can not achieve what we want in this life.  We should always eat healthy food, should do exercise daily and should take proper sleep which lead to a healthy life.



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