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In today’s fast life, we are stuck with a lot of work that we hardly get time to spend with someone and maybe this is the main reason that there are so many people who are alone and there is no one to keep them happy and to be with them in the situation when they really want someone to hold their hands and say: I am with you always. Sometimes it makes the worst feeling for people being alone and single but why you should make it difficult for yourself while you know that every problem has a solution. Why you always try to find negative in something, God makes all of us capable that we can handle the any worst situation all alone.

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So here are 5 simple ways to be happy being single:

being single

1. Never think that you are alone: There are some people who are afraid to do things alone including shopping, eating outside, going for a movie and there are so many things which you don’t want to do alone but it is alright to be independent. why you always need someone beside you. I know if we have someone in life so life gets better and we automatically feel good but, if there is no one to be with us so what?? Do you stop to live your life or you stop breathing? You don’t do such things because we all get one life so why should we waste this life to think about all these things? You must keep one thing in mind that you are only responsible for your happiness and you must happy being single until you find someone better.

love yourself

2. Love yourself: This is true that if one does not love himself so he can not love the other person. So always try to be happy and do the things which make you cheerful. For instance: eat what you want to, wear the dress or clothes you always want to, do the silly things that you really enjoy to do, Explore the new things…. so on.. And when you did all those things, you will see yourself more confident and will see the world around you more beautiful.

chase your dreams

3. Chase your dreams, not people: People around us are engaged or getting married or even settled down and if you have not found someone yet it does not mean that there is anything wrong because in this period you can be more passionate to accomplish your dreams and once  you will get the result you wanted, it will be the best feeling for you.

social circle

4. Increase your social circle: It is ok being single but it does not mean that you should not give chance to new people to be a part of your life because, in today’s life, it is very necessary to be socialized and there are so many social platforms to be engaged yourself. But you have to keep one thing in mind that what kind of people you want in your life to hang out with. So expand your social circle and don’t hesitate to meet new people. Perhaps you will get the right person you always wanted to be a part of your life.


5. Give proper time to your family: Why you forget one thing which is very important in your life: your sweet family who support you in every ups and downs in life. One can not live a solitary life all the time. When you fall sick, when you are facing some problems, when you want to share your happiness, when you need someone’s shoulder to lean on, what you find beside you..your family who are with you from the very first moment of your life when you were born. So it is your duty to support and to love your family in any situation. There is a saying which is very true is that: “FAMILY WHO EATS TOGETHER, STAYS TOGETHER”

Hope now you guys try to be happy being single and understand the things that I just shared in this article!




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