10 Basic Etiquettes Everyone Should Know

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Etiquettes which means our behaviour toward people and we have to be very careful while talking to others including our fellows, friends, parents, elders or maybe strangers because the way of speaking matters so much. people judge the person by his/her manners. If we notice one thing, a person who is very polite and mannerable attract others easily and even people also feel comfortable talking to that person. People don’t like a person who is ill-mannered and rude and like to stay away from his/her, but if we have a list of manners and etiquettes to follow ,so one can be a better person.

Let’s know about the list of manners and etiquettes which can be helpful to us:


1. SAY PLEASE: It is a small but magical word and people frequently use it. So we should always keep in mind that if we ” to ask for something”, ” to make a polite request”,” to need help”  say “Please” and see it actually works. We should also make our children habitual of this word.

excuse me

2. SAYING EXCUSE ME: We must say the word “Excuse me” when we want someone’s attention to ask something, when we need to enter the conversation and when we need to move in a crowd. We should also never forget to say Excuse me while sneezing, burping and hiccupping because it can be embarrassing for us.

3. SAY SORRY:It is a very important word because when we have done something wrong, when someone got upset, when someone is unhappy or in an unpleasant situation, so we must feel sorry for that moment and if we hear sad and unpleasant news, we should say “I’m Sorry” to express our regret and sadness.


4. GIVE COMPLIMENT: We all like to hear compliments whether it is for our career,  for our appearance, or,  for our qualities so if we notice something good in someone, never forget to give a compliment, it is also a good manner.

dont interrupt

5. DONT INTERRUPT UNNECESSARY: If we have something important to say then we should interrupt someone because to disturb somebody unnecessarily is not a good etiquette so we have to keep this thing in mind.

thank you

6. SAY THANK YOU: When we receive gifts, when someone congratulates us, when someone appreciates us or there are so many places where we should say “Thank you”  because it is a simple way to express gratitude and respect.

foul language

7. AVOID FOUL LANGUAGE: It is a bad etiquette to use foul language in front of anyone because it may be destroyed our personality and even people ignore to talk with this kind of person whether he/she is a good-natured or helpful guy.

dont make fun

8. DONT MAKE FUN OF ANYONE: Every person has some drawbacks. No one can be perfect and some silly people take advantage of it and start making fun of people in public but this is such a bad etiquette and we should understand that we can hurt someone’s feeling badly so avoid this habit.

put away phone

9. PUT AWAY MOBILES OR OTHER GADGETS WHILE CONVERSATION: In today’s life, Perhaps there would be a person hardly without mobile phones or gadgets except for children because it is a basic requirement to have these technologies but we are using them limitless, even we forget that there is also a life outside and it is ill-mannered using such things while conversation and while doing some important work. So We should just keep in mind that where we have to use them and where to avoid.

be on time

10. BE ON TIME: There are so many people who never be on time because they make a habit of getting late and let the people wait. This is such a disrespectful and unmannerable. If someone gets late all the time so people think that he/she does not value the other person’s time and lose his/her respect. So always try to be punctual to establish a reputation as a dependable person.

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